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Vault 0 Originals

Vault 0 is dedicated to creating quality costume products. We offer an slowly expanding line of outfits based on video games, media, and historical times - real and imagined!

We also do a lot of custom work for our customers, giving the buyer what they desire for their cosplay. We are cosplayers too, and we love to see people enjoying our products. That is what we're all about!

Our original creations can currently be found on Etsy.

Vault 0 on Etsy

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Cosplay Supplies

Along with costumes, Vault 0 offers an expanding line of cosplay supplies that include wigs, masks, goggles, corsets, make-up, and much more!

Our site currently uses a shopping cart via Ebid, allowing for a safe and secure transaction process.  Payments are made via PayPal, which accepts credit card and bank transfers.  If you have any problems or questions with our online shopping area, please email us at and we'll be happy to help!

The navigation bar to the left will help you view our different product areas.  To few our full line, click on the link below.

Vault 0 Products


Vault 0 on eBay

Vault 0 also maintains an eBay store for some of our odd items we have from time to time.

Vault 0 on Ebay